Ep 11. Dylan Davies - An Iron Clad Family Business Established in 1898

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March 9, 2021

Ep 11. Dylan Davies - An Iron Clad Family Business Established in 1898

As a fourth generation owner of Lethbridge Ironworks, Dylan Davies watched his grandfather, and then was mentored and able to work closely with his father and uncle as they transitioned leadership responsibility to him. Dylan began his career at Lethbridge Ironworks very young, cutting the grass during the summer months and then gaining hands on experience by working part time within the foundry by age 14. Today, Dylan has surrounded himself with a strong team and is honoured to work alongside such a loyal and hard working group of employees.  Join us as we explore the Iron Works story of the past, present and future.

Key Highlights in this Podcast:

  • Dylan’s family’s history with Lethbridge Ironworks goes back to the 1930s (1:35)
  • What has changed for foundries in the last 100 years (2:29)
  • Focusing on the company’s future is why Lethbridge Ironworks has thrived over the years (5:05)
  • Dylan shares memories of family mentorship and leadership (6:30)
  • Dylan describes the combination of how his polar opposite uncle and dad worked so well together (7:28)
  • Lean manufacturing and how it’s impacted Lethbridge Ironworks (9:52)
  • Dylan lists what the company is focused on to satisfy customers (12:25)
  • The future for Lethbridge Ironworks (13:38)
  • Dylan describes the “brotherhood” (19:11)
  • Random Rapid Fire Response (20:47)

Book Recommendation: Traction by Gino Wickman

Episode Transcript