Ep 7. Justin Kittredge - Leveraging A Layoff Into A Celebrity Brand

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August 9, 2020

Ep 7. Justin Kittredge - Leveraging A Layoff Into A Celebrity Brand

Having worked for Reebok in his early career, Justin demonstrated the drive that it took to grow within the industry. However, when Adidas took over Reebok in 2006, Justin found himself laid off and at a crossroads in his career. Seeing the slide market share increasing, Justin came up with the concept of ISlide, a company that allows customers to customize slides, to provide more meaning to their footwear. He is now the founder and CEO of a multimillion dollar company.

Join us as Justin shares his journey from Reebok to ISlide and how he turned a layoff into an opportunity to change his life, and his career, for the better.

Key Highlights in this Podcast

  • How Justin began within the footwear industry (1:44)  
  • Justin’s entrepreneurship journey began when Adidas took over Reebok (3:25)
  • As a startup, Justin quickly learned how to be resourceful (4:39)
  • Justin shares how he competes in the current market (6:08)
  • ‘Stand In What You Stand For’ and how ISlide has so many influencers wearing their products (7:31)
  • How Justin developed the concept of ISlide (10:06)
  • Advice Justin has for budding entrepreneurs (11:34)
  • Justin shares his nonprofit which has used basketball to bring connection and health practices to children (15:10)
  • Rapid Fire (18:05)

Episode Transcript