Ep 8. Jeff Nielsen - Breaking the mold within the feed industry

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While Jeff and his partner were working as nutritional consultants, they noticed a very specific need that their customers had, which wasn’t being filled within the industry. After reading the book Blue Ocean Strategy, Jeff began to understand how the feed industry was locked into repeating the same process, rather than innovating - opening the opportunity to start a new business in “open waters.”

Join us as Jeff shares how he took the leap from a safe career to one that would disrupt the feed industry.

Key Highlights in this Podcast

  • The story behind More Than Just Feed (1:18)
  • Jeff shares the challenges that he and his partner encountered when starting the company (4:25)
  • What it took for Jeff to take the leap as an entrepreneur (6:20)
  • The biggest challenge that Jeff overcame(9:40)
  • Consolidation with the industry being nimble to meet customer needs (10:36)
  • Jeff explains why they recently underwent a name and brand update (12:23)
  • Advice that Jeff would give his younger self about taking the leap (13:58)
  • Random Rapid Fire (15:48)

Episode Transcript