Ep 9. Moulaye Niang - From No Shoes to the NCAA

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October 9, 2020

Ep 9. Moulaye Niang - From No Shoes to the NCAA

From South Africa, Moulaye knew what it looked like to have nothing. Loving soccer, he always felt that he would remain loyal to the sport, that is, until he was introduced to basketball. However, as he grew into a young teenager, he wasn’t able to purchase a pair of size 13 shoes in his town, let alone play professional basketball. That is, until he met Greg Winston.

Join us as Moulaye shares his journey of leaving South Africa, becoming an NCAA athlete, and leaving his career in basketball to begin working in finance.

Key Highlights in this Podcast

  • Reveal of who introduced Moulaye to basketball (4:26)
  • How Moulaye gained the opportunity to come to the United States from South Africa (6:20)
  • How Greg Winston, retired professional basketball player, had a profound impact on Moulaye (8:00)
  • How leaving South Africa to learn and playing basketball in the US impacted Moulaye (11:30)
  • Recruited by Kansas Jayhawks in his senior year (12:44)
  • What it’s like playing for respectable and highly notable coaches and leaders (14:07)
  • Moulaye shares values that he gained while playing under Roy Williams and Bill Self (16:03)
  • How an injury affected Moulaye’s basketball career (18:34)
  • Why academics became so important to Moulaye (23:41)
  • Advice Moulaye has for other children in similar situations (25:00)
  • Random Rapid Fire (26:51)

Episode Transcript