Ep 12. Keith Hitchcock - Breakfast With a Side of Loyalty

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April 9, 2021

Ep 12. Keith Hitchcock - Breakfast With a Side of Loyalty

In 1993, Keith moved his family to Lethbridge to start a new adventure; owning and operating the local Humpty’s Family Restaurant. Years later, Keith and his family are still providing customers with excellent food and exceptional service. Last March, COVID-19 forced them, like many businesses, to adapt. A shift in their marketing allowed them to continue playing an important role (while different) within the community. Join us as Keith shares how him and his family faced COVID-19 head-on and explore the factors that are helping them get through this turbulent past year.

Key Highlights in this Podcast:

  • Keith shares his thoughts on what it’s like to own a true family run business (3:10)
  • How COVID-19 impacted Keith and his family’s business (4:00)
  • How a shift in marketing impacted the business (5:14)
  • Customer loyalty is attributed to great staff and personal relationships (7:24)
  • What it takes to keep skilled staff in a high-turnover industry (10:17)
  • Keith and his wife share different traits that make them work well as a team (11:30)
  • What the future holds for the family business (13:16)
  • Keith’s experience with minor hockey (14:57)
  • How skills gained during hockey have helped Keith in the restaurant industry (16:54)
  • 18:09 Random Rapid Fire Response

Book Recommendation: They Call Me Coach by John Wooden

Episode Transcript