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Shawn Hass

Shawn’s abnormal ability to rise early (usually starting his day between 4 - 5 am), would have been well suited for milking cows. However, his propensity to start early actually provides uninterrupted time each day to tackle the challenging financial issues his investment clients are facing.

“Families are faced with so many choices coming at them from a wide variety of differing voices.  We step into that gap and bring clarity to their situation.”

We work like a “hub,” to assemble all the necessary resources and input to help guide our clients to make smart decisions.  Clients love having us lift that stress off their shoulders so they can refocus on their business or farm.

Dustin Leniuk

Despite not having a couch in his office to lay down on, Dustin has a passion for Psychology.

Our feelings around money, business and family have a profound impact on our behaviours in each of those areas. It does not take long to recognize that Dustin is a genuine and loyal person who truly wants the best for you and your family’s financial future.

Dustin helps the Owners Circle audience digest the golden nuggets of insight and creativity that his co-host uncovers during the interviews.

Click here to take a deeper dive into how Hass Wealth of RBC Dominion Securities can help your family.

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